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Word from Provincial Superior

“Oh, what a beautiful honour is ours to serve God, to think always of God, to love God, to suffer in order to please God; in short, to live entirely in God. This He Permits us in His infinite Goodness”.

A path does not exist before someone traces it, walking on ground that is not yet marked with footprints. The one, who first finds it, walks it, leaves imprints and facilitate the way for those who come after. Opening a new way is proper to a pioneer; one who has glimpsed a desirable goal invents a way to reach it. For a rout to become a path or a road, however, it is not enough that a single person has travelled it. Behind her steps, obstacles would be recreated to close the passageway. The goal would be an isolated conquest of one person. It is necessary that, immediately, while the marks left by the pioneer still exist, others place their feet on the path, and still others, then more, until the ground is beaten hard into a visible path, usable and leading toward a goal for those who wish to reach it.

The path opened by Maria De Mattias, Foundress of the Congregation of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, was walked by others immediately and has been trodden unceasingly over time, tenaciously, every season and every climate. Maria De Mattias by the gift of the Spirit which made her a Foundress, signalled a daring, prophetic way for a long band of followers. These followers believed in her vision, trusted her steps, and with her and after her, made the future possible.

Today the Adorers are spread to different parts of the world and it is a community of women for mission. We have a simple life style, embodied in the life of the church and of the society. We found our strength from the deep contemplation of the word of God and from the sacraments; to serve each person and to adore in each we meet, the presence of Jesus, who has redeemed us with His Blood. Following the same path of St.Maria De Mattias, the Adorers came to India in 1978. We the ASC’s in India is living and sharing the charism and Spirit of the Congregation by our presence and various ministries through which we respond to the needs of the world. Our presence in India was branched out to various parts of our country and work of evangelization is done through different ministries like:Education, Pastoral ministry, Healing ministry, Social activities, Family apostolate and youth ministry.

The Precious Blood which Christ shed on the Cross speaks of God’s infinite, preferential and freely- given love for every human being and for all of creation. We grow in our awareness that this is true in our concrete, everyday experiences because Christ is near to each person through other people and events. Accepting God’s infinite love and letting it permeate into our hearts begins a love relationship with God. Thus each of us, in feeling loved, is able to love the redeemer in return with the same love received from Him.

We welcome you all to have a glimpse at the website of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in India and to experience the power of the Blood of Christ that gives life to all.

Sr.Mini Vadakumcherry, ASC

Provincial Superior.

Aradhana Convent B.G Road, Bengaluru-560076