The ASC Spirituality
Our Charism as Adorers of the Blood of Christ is deeply rooted in the death resurrection mystery of Jesus. Ours is a Paschal identity signed in the blood of the lamb. St.Maria De Mattias wanted to help to bring about “that beautiful order of things which the great Son of God came to establish in His Blood”. St.Maria had a very strong desire to share the Cross with Christ. “Happy will we be”, she wrote to them,” “if we can give our lives and all our blood for the faith, in order to save even one person”. (Constitution)
The ASC Community
Christ Jesus, who has brought us together as adorers of His saving Blood, is the radiant centre of our life in community. Each of us is called by the Lord to contribute toward building a genuine faith communion among us. Therefore, we try to live together as sisters and friends, loving each other as Christ has loved us. As an apostolic community we try continually to become a Eucharistic faith communion of persons existing for mission in the Church and society. (Constitution)
The Indian ASC Formation
For St.Maria De Mattias, formation based on contemplation of the Crucified and Risen Lord and assimilation of the Paschal identity were essential. An integration of the vital elements of both the ASC spirituality and Indian spirituality have implications in the formation programme. The integration of the three paths of God that are fundamental to the Indian spiritual tradition is adopted as a formation itinerary: Jnana Marga (Path of Wisdom), Bhakti Marga (Path of Devotion and Karma Marga (Path of Action) (Formation Plan of India Region)
ASC Spirituality in Indian Context